Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What if?

Every day as I walk past her house, the 14 year old is seated on the now broken fences and looking a far off may be in thoughts. She is heavily pregnant and staying at her mother's house. I say Good morning to her , she answers and then continues staring into space. And i wondered may be she comes out to sit at the fence every morning to look at her fellow age mates walk off to school and think If things hadn't been different , she would be walking off to school with them. But for her, what is there to look forward to everyday? Nothing much but crushed dreams for now.

This particular girl is of interest to me, because i have watched her grow from a child to a 14 year old , I have watched her go from a happy girl to a sad little girl and I have watched her grow so fast to a woman, the day her mother decided that it was best to marry her off to an older man because she couldn't pay school fees for her. Of course the marriage didn't last for that long, she had to come back home and the man decided to get him self a new wife. When i ask the mother about it " she says, I am waiting for her to give birth, I will keep the baby and she will go back to school. After she graduates from Lower secondary school, her husband has promised to take her back and give her a job." Then she adds, I wanted her to go to school but her brothers couldn't pay school fees and life is not easy, so i think i made the decision". What do i say to this?, Mmmh.

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